User can manage product by upload their own product or get from wholesale suppliers like 淘宝,aliexpress, It can reducing the workload, reducing the number of service personnel and saving more labor costs.


User can view your order, sync product at any time. So that your online shop has more items. Customers have more product choices, which is a win-win situation.

Dropshipping Business

A platform similar to dropship, reseller can help manufacturer to get sales. And reseller will markup price. Gain profit together.

Training Program

Welcome high-quality new stores to join our training plan, we will provide you with more advertising resources, make your new store better than the old store business, so as to get through the difficult situation.

Our mission and values

Do our best to help consumers buy high-quality items, and also help manufacturers and reseller operate more efficiently and order more, so as to realize our value.

Let reseller have more option to sell

Reseller can easily find a large number of products around him through our website. They can also see the popularity of each product and other customer's evaluation of product, helping reseller better understand and mange store.

Make more manufacturer have more orders

We do our best to help join Manufacturer + Reseller, help them save get profit, help them get more orders, and make their quality product more efficient for users.

Solving Social Employment Problems

Our solution can help those who are unemployed, make it easy for them to have product to sell. Our training plan will allow more inexperienced online store owners to have a better new store survival environment, making them have a higher survival rate.

Our value

The world ’s largest wholesale company is ALIBABA, but he does n’t own a product. We want to be ALIBABA in the dropshipping industry. Using Internet thinking and technology, we can help manufacturer and reseller establish more efficient connections with consumers and realize our value.